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The following organizations can provide guidance and support when presenting NSCC/NLCC awards to members of the Naval Sea Cadet Corps and Navy League Cadet Corps.

Daughters of the American Revolution

Provides the DAR Outstanding Cadet Medal and Ribbon that is awarded to a graduating high school cadet who has demonstrated dependability, good character, military discipline, leadership, and a fundamental patriotic understanding of the importance of training. Previously the DAR awarded the DAR ROTC Ribbon and Medal, as of March 2014 the DAR stopped issuing the ROTC award to non-ROTC, military affiliated cadet programs.  They established the DAR Outstanding Cadet Award in its place.  Those that have been awarded the DAR/ROTC award prior to March 2014 can continue to wear that award.  No ROTC awards awarded after the end of February 2014 may be worn on the NSCC/NLCC uniform.

Drug Enforcement Agency

The DEA's Demand Reduction Program reaches millions of children and their school administrators, principals, teachers, and coaches with appropriate and specific drug education programs and materials. Demand Reduction supplies schools and other youth-based organizations with drug prevention videos and publications and provides accurate resources to school administrators to help them formulate effective anti-drug programs. In addition, the Demand Reduction program supports and assists programs offered by such organizations as Boys and Girls Clubs, Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.), and Law Enforcement Explorers. These programs provide productive activities for kids and reduce the risk of drug use. The DEA can assist cadets with earning the Drug Reduction Service Ribbon.

Navy League of the United States

Provides the NLUS Youth Medal and Ribbon for NSCC and NLCC Cadets of the Year at the Unit Level. This award, sponsored by the Navy League of the United States, enables sponsoring councils to annually recognize excellence on the part of young people participating in NSCC and NLCC programs. It serves to emphasize the importance placed on education and training of American youth and recognizes the importance of NSCC and NLCC as NLUS youth programs in attaining established goals and objectives.

Office of Naval Research

Provides the ONR Science Achievement Ribbon for NSCC and NLCC Cadets who distinguish themselves in the areas of scientific achievement. ONR reports to the Secretary of the Navy through the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition. Led by the Chief of Naval Research, its leadership oversees a portfolio of investments ranging from immediate, quick-turnaround technologies to long term basic research.

President's Physical Fitness Challenge

Provides guidance for the testing and evaluation of Cadets attempting to distinguish themselves by excelling in maintaining physical fitness standards. The NSCC/NLCC Physical Fitness Ribbon is awarded to any cadet who meets the required qualifying standards of the Presidential Physical Fitness Award as outlined in the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports Package.

Sons of the American Revolution

Provides the SAR Bronze Good Citizenship Medal and Ribbon, which is awarded to an NSCC/NLCC cadet who has attained the rate of Petty Officer Second Class or above (NSCC or NLCC) and is in good standing militarily and scholastically at the time of selection and presentation The cadet nominated must demonstrate a high degree of merit with respect to leadership qualities, military bearing, and excellence in the performance of duties; have the potential for greater leadership responsibilities.

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Offers the VFW/NSCC Medal and Ribbon. With a rich tradition rooted in the 19th century, the Veterans of Foreign Wars is today the oldest major veterans organization in America. Celebrating its centennial in 1999, it entered the 21st century with 1.9 million members. VFW's 9,500 Posts count members from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf and all the expeditionary campaigns through Bosnia. From the national headquarters in Kansas City, MO and its Washington Office, VFW administers a host of programs and pursues issues of national importance to veterans. The four cornerstones of VFW's foundation are the following: preserving veterans rights, advocating a strong national defense, promoting patriotism and offering community service. VFW achievements range from helping pass GI Bills for three generations of war vets to making the Star-Spangled Banner the national anthem to providing $2.6 million in college scholarships for students every year. Across America, these three letters - VFW- symbolize commitment to country and community.

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