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The Officer/Midshipman Study Guide (OMSG) has been approved for use by all NSCC adult leaders who are seeking an appointment or promotion to an Officer or Midshipman rank. The web-based version of the OMSG is not authorized for use by NSCC cadets nor is it to be used as part of any training program including POLA.  First time users will be required to register in order to access the study guide.

Please Note: In accordance with the Training and Operational Manual, completion of the OMSG is require prior to attending Officer Professional Development courses.  All new Midshipman candidates must have the OMSG completed prior to application, all Instructors must complete it within their first year. A minimum score of 80% (200 of 250) is required to pass the course.

The OMSG is hosted and can be access via the NSCC/NLCC Online Testing System (NOTS)