Officer Professional Development

The following attachments contain the syllabus and all teaching materials required for teaching Officer Professional Development (OPD) courses. Members should contact their regional director or regional staff for course dates and locations.

These are the complete packages for teaching the Officer Professional Development Courses. You will find these in ZIP format, so you must extract the files inside (Adobe PDF and MS PowerPoint documents are enclosed).

Please note that these files are VERY large. You will need to have a broadband or high-speed connection to download these files!

A current list of OPD Trainings being offers can be found on the Magellan Training List

OPD 101

Introduction to the Naval Sea Cadet Corps

OPD-101 (Rev 05/15)
Program indoctrination course instruction slides (55.8 MB), Excel file is a data spreadsheet to update national local manning on slides 19 and 20

OPD 201

Administration and Training of the Naval Sea Cadet Corps

Program instruction slides for NSCC Administration (34.7 MB)

Program instruction slides for NSCC Training Programs (16.2 MB)

OPD 301

Leading in the Naval Sea Cadet Corps

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