An updated version of the NSCC/NLCC Annual Inspection Forms (NSCADM 020) and (NSCADM021) have been uploaded. This update clarifies wording and requirements for the crediting of Winter Training. Winter Training is counting the the year of the Training Code, not the year of the date completed. Therefore, as an example RT-CA-1405 Which ended in JAN 2015, would be counted on the 2014 Annual Inspection becuase it has a 2014 Training Code.

It is understood that this may have caused some confusion, especially with 2013 Winter Training and if it was credited towards the 2013 or was being held over for 2014 based on the end date of the training. Unit Commanding Officers should consult with their Regional Directors during the inspection to ascertain which option provides the best option for the unit. Be advised that 2014 Winter Training will not be credited towards the 2015 Annual Inspection.

The Request for Training Authorization - Cadet (NSCTNG 001) and Request for Training Authorization - Officer (NSCTNG 002) have been updated to accept the new training code formats and fix some administrative discrepancies. The Local Training Authorizations will be updated shortly. All of these forms can be downloaded from the Training Forms page in DOC and PDF formats.

The "TROOPER" KID SIZE NWU UNIFORM ORDER FORM (NSCSUP 003) form has been discontinued. Trooper style uniforms may be ordered directly from the NEX Uniform Support Center in accordance with guidelines contained in Information Letter 10-12.