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The references Action Letter announces the retirement of the Promotional Materials Order Forms (NSCSUP 001), the option to order promotional materials via Magellan, and the removal of Section 0311 from the 2015 Administration Manual.

A new and updated 2015 Parent's Handbook is now available.

The referenced Action Letter has been added and incorporated into the NSCC Regulations, Chapter 7. This Action Letter clarifies the policy that Active Duty, Reserve, and Retired Members of the Armed Forces can wear the uniform of their respective service when enrolled as members of the Auxiliary and participating in NSCC/NLCC activities. The policies for those members enrolled as NSCC Officers, Warrant Officers, Midshipmen, and Instructors, remains the same.

Parent's Handbook

The 2014 Parents Handbook is now available. All previous versions of this handbook should be destroyed, as they do not reflect current program information, and have information that is not in compliance with our ADA mandate.

The Correspondence Course Manual, Chapter 4  has been updated to reflect recent upgrades to the Correspondence Course Management System. No policy changes have been made to the manual or CCMS.

The NLCC Regulations have been reformatted with a more readable web-enabled font and form number references updates.  Collectively these changes are knows as NHQ Administrative Change #2.

Various administrative changes have incorporated into the NSCC/NLCC Correspondence Course Manual. These updates are collectively referred to as Change #2. These changes include:

  • Improved/updated wording regarding the UCA registration process.
  • Dormant UCA accounts will now be deleted after 180 days of inactivity. This will not affect courses previously graded, etc.
  • Improved/updated wording regarding duplicate SSN records.
  • Guidance on transferring Cadets from one NSCC unit to another, and from the NLCC to the NSCC.
  • Completely reformatted with a different font for ease of reading.

And updated version of the Correspondence Course Manual with Change 1 incorporated has been released. This manual, while has no changes in policy, has additional administrative guidance and clarification added to remove some confusion in the process of creating UCA accounts, and registering/transferring members.